With Spring just around the corner, there is no better time to investigate the health of your home’s current siding than right now. Homeowners need to understand the importance of checking siding regularly to help prevent unwanted damage that can lead to costly repairs.


Not sure what to look for? Here are 7 simple signs your siding may need replacing:


1. Cracked Siding

Cracks in the siding on the exterior of your home is a clear sign that may be time to have it replaced. Woodpeckers can also cause serious damage to your home’s cedar or wood siding by creating additional holes with their everyday activities. When siding is kept in excellent shape, it provides an invaluable layer of protection for your home, while minimizing any potential damage caused by the outside elements. 


2. No Metal Flashing

A quick inspection of windows, doors and trim will reveal if metal flashing has been used to properly seal top edges and if they remain in good shape. If not, this could be another sign your home’s siding is in need of repair or replacing. Even if caulking has been used to seal the tops of the doors, windows and trim, there is still room for concern since caulking is not as durable, nor does it have the longevity of metal flashing.


3. Failing Caulking

When inspecting the edges and seams of your siding, carefully check the sides of windows, doors, and corners for any failed, or deteriorating caulking. In some cases, there may be no caulking at all, and this can prove especially problematic, since water and moisture can seep into cracks on the tops and sides of both windows and doors where the caulking has failed.


4. Improperly Installed Siding

Depending on the type of siding your home may have, and the manner in which it was installed, there could be missing fasteners or joint flashing if the siding is no longer properly attached. Making sure your home’s siding has been properly installed according to manufacturer’s specifications is extremely important for the warranty, longevity, and enjoyment of your home’s exterior cladding for years to come.


5. Risk of Mold

Rotten, warped, or structurally damaged siding can cause all types of issues, including the growth of mold, which has the potential to cause illness. Maintaining your home’s siding will help keep water from going where it does not belong, protecting your family from unwanted hazards such as mold.


6. Peeling Paint

Another important clue is peeling paint, or if you notice the home needing to be repainted more often than usual. This can be a sign your home’s siding is deteriorating and not providing proper exterior protection from the elements, that over time can lead to larger, costlier issues.


7. Rising Energy Costs

The final sign your siding may need replacing soon, is also the most insidious. It is insidious because you don’t tend to notice the increased energy costs, at least not initially since they trend up gradually over time. Select any month of the year, let’s say January, then complete a comparison of energy costs today versus one year ago, three years ago and then five years ago. Assuming the cost of the energy itself remains fairly constant over that same period (adjust for any significant variations in cost) you should be able to see if your home’s energy costs are on the rise. If so, failing siding could be the reason and by replacing your siding now, you could save hundreds in energy costs every year.


Regardless of the time of year, periodically inspecting your home’s siding for signs of wear that can leave your home vulnerable to the outdoor elements makes perfect sense. Your home is a major investment and the exterior siding is what protects that investment. Proper siding maintenance will help give you peace of mind — knowing your home, family and investment are all protected.


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