Tenant Management

When an apartment needs new siding, you don’t need hassles. You need Exterior Crew to efficiently stay on schedule and to mitigate any inconvenience the apartment dwellers could experience. And we deliver.

Throughout the process, we stress keeping the job site clean and safe. It’s a daily job that sometimes is overlooked, but not by us. A clean and safe job site is part of our high quality craftsmanship and your tenants will notice the difference. Safety is not optional – for you or for us.


Small orange building graphic which represents that Exterior Crew offers window replacement and building wrap services to their property management customers in Seattle, WA

Windows and Building Wrap

There is no better time to replace your windows than during a siding replacement project. Since our crew is already working on the building exterior, you can easily do both projects at once. Why put your tenants through a similar process again later with windows? In addition, we will pre-wrap the building after installing the new windows so your units are protected before even the siding is installed.

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Choose a team who is experienced and will carefully replace the siding while tenants occupy the building. We prioritize safety and accessibility for your tenants while not compromising the schedule goals.

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Exterior Painting

Let us complete your siding project with a fresh coat of paint – eliminating the need for an additional contractor or delay in the project schedule. We also provide paint consultations to help you choose the right paint for long-lasting quality in designer colors that will make your tenants stay longer.

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Fascia Board and Gutters

When replacing the building’s siding, it’s the right time to protect the roof ends from future leakage. Old fascia will jeopardize roofing if it is not replaced at the needed time, and rusty, clucked gutters are candidates for water intrusion. Complete your siding replacement project with new fascia trim and gutters so the building – and your investment – are fully protected for years to come.

Process and Timeline

  1. Call us and schedule an appointment or send us your project via email. Our approach allows us to provide the most accurate and transparent bid available, eliminating surprises along the way. When you are comfortable with the proposal, we launch your project and provide a schedule.

  2. Once an agreed contract is in place, your Exterior Crew project manager meets with you for a pre-con meeting. Here, you discuss the project schedule and all the necessary details of the job such as accessibility for parking, and where to store materials and our equipment so there is no conflict with the tenants who occupy your units.

  3. Next, we deliver all the materials, tools, and equipment to the property and introduce you to our installation crew. Work commences and the entire process is overseen by your Exterior Crew project manager, so no details will be missed. At the final walk through, we make sure that the job is done as agreed and then remove any of the materials, equipment, or waste within days after completion of the project.

What Our Clients Say

rating star rating star rating star rating star rating star

Exterior Crew “refreshed” our house with Hardie siding, new windows, gutters and paint. This was a surprisingly pleasant experience. All of the crew were customer-oriented and cleaned up the site daily. Our project completed earlier than we expected and in some difficult weather conditions

Nickie Cartwright Seattle, WA
rating star rating star rating star rating star rating star

Exterior Crew Co LLC did an excellent job with our siding. They were adamant about their quality being of the highest caliber. Thanks to their attention to detail we are frequently asked if our house is new.

Maia Earle Bellevue, WA
rating star rating star rating star rating star rating star

Exterior Crew did an extensive remodel on the outside of my home. They replaced all of the siding with Harding Plank. They painted, used cedar accents, provided lots of extra touches. I cannot recommend this crew enough!!!! They were professional, hard-working, accountable and did a great job of cleaning up after themselves.

Jane Manger Seattle, WA

Safe and Clean Jobsites

We keep your building and the project area safe and clean each day – it’s a matter of care for your tenants’ home and safety for all that we won’t compromise. Exterior Crew completes annual training through the Washington State Department of Labor and Industries safety standards to ensure your tenants’ living environment is kept safe from sharp objects, nails, or unstable scaffolding. We are committed to a job well done and that includes using a safe process along the way.

Our Promise to You

Orange shield graphic which notes Exterior Crew's promise of professionalism to their customers in Seattle, WAWe are committed to protect your property and respect your tenants’ home and privacy during the construction process. We promise to start work no earlier than 9 a.m. and finish by 5 p.m., allowing your tenants to have safe access to their apartments with available parking and no nighttime construction noise. We promise to do the job right within the time schedule you need.



When can I expect to receive a quote?

For commercial replacement projects, we need a couple of weeks to provide a detailed and accurate quote, depending on the size of the project. We visit the site twice to do all of the needed take offs for the bid.

How fast can you start our project?

We usually schedule two months in advance, but can negotiate earlier start times, if needed.

Will tenants be able to safely enter or exit their homes during construction?

Yes. Our crews work hard to maintain safe and accessible job sites and this is especially true when it comes to projects with occupied units. We train our crews to utilize safety precautions that create little to no inconvenience to your tenants and we assure you that job sites are cleaned daily. Additionally to minimize interruption, our crews begin work after 9 a.m. and end at 4:30 p.m., unless otherwise agreed.

Should windows be replaced with siding?

Most likely, yes, if your windows have not been replaced since the units were built. New windows save energy, improve heating efficiency, and reduce outside noise. Including windows with your siding replacement project now allows for the proper access to install the windows correctly while eliminating the hassle of having another exterior construction project in the future. Ask us more about this option to learn what would work best for your project.

Do you do repair work?

Unfortunately, we do not. Our specialty is complete exterior makeover services.

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