Four Square house with Cedar siding installation in Seattle, WA

About Us

Exterior Crew is a siding contractor providing quality installation services for homes and buildings to Seattle Greater area. We are a local, family-owned, company with over 15 years of siding installation experience. Our goal is to create positive customer experiences by making siding solutions that reflect our core principles and company values, the very same values which guide each and every project we complete to protect and beautify homes. And all of our siding services include an all-inclusive, 5-year, craftsmanship warranty.

Learn more about our extensive service offerings, and read how our company values will make your project experience better.

Plank siding creates unique appeal in Seattle, WA done by Exterior Crew



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Siding installation review in Bothell, WA
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We typically never leave online reviews (good or bad) but feel like Exterior Crew deserves extra recognition for their detail, workmanship, communication, and overall ease with which our project went from beginning to end.

Brian Boshart Snohomish, WA

Values & Principles

Small orange clock graphic which represents that Exterior Crew is always on time and on schedule in Seattle, WA

On Time

We understand how important your project timeline is to you. Which is why working both safely and efficiently during any installation project is so important to us. And, when working alongside other trades, we promise to deliver our siding services on schedule, as planned.

Our crews are reliable and arrive on time, ready to complete the goals for each project. Moreover, we do our very best to avoid any unwanted and unnecessary delays. And most importantly, if any unforeseen situations were to arise, we’ll notify you immediately and discuss potential solutions.


Small orange speech bubble graphic which represents that Exterior Crew values good communication between themselves and their customers in Seattle, WA

We Communicate

Any superior siding experience should include an exceptional level of communication. Which means, our goal is to keep every client completely informed throughout the entire installation process while our services are being provided.

As a result, we’re committed to addressing project needs and responding quickly via text, phone, or email — whichever is easiest for you. We also work to eliminate any hassles or additional confusion, by providing accurate information about project scope and total cost.


Small orange keys graphic which represents that Exterior Crew is trustworthy and responsible with their customers' properties in Seattle, WA

Are Responsible

Responsibility and respect are two critical aspects of our installation crew training program. A program designed to help foster attentive, courteous and safe work environments for every project we complete.

Our commitment is to provide a superior siding experience, while closely following the scope of work and delivery schedule. We also stand behind all of our work with a transferable, 5-year, warranty. Plus, our personal craftsmanship guarantee, addressing any product, or service related issues promptly.


Small orange happy face graphic which represents that Exterior Crew prides themselves on being helpful to their customers in Seattle, WA

Be Helpful

Our highly skilled siding installation teams, led by an Exterior Crew project manager are always available to answer project questions. And, with over 15 years of professional experience in siding solutions, we know and understand our clients.

Plus, we always pay attention to the details, listening to our clients and addressing any concerns they may have. Lastly, we work hard to build homeowner trust, so they enjoy the siding process and receive a beautifully finished home.


Small orange hard hat graphic which represents that safety is extremely important to Exterior Crew in Seattle, WA

Always Safe

Whether a new siding installation, or a complete replacement, we ensure your property remains safe and secure throughout the entire project. And, we handle each client’s home with great attention and care, two core values we are unwilling to compromise.

Our teams complete extensive annual training with Washington State Department of Labor and Industries to ensure on-site project safety. The program’s primary focus is on residential, environmental, and contractor safety measures.

Most importantly, keeping work areas free from sharp objects, unstable scaffolding, and other dangerous hazards during the installation process.


Small clean up sign graphic which represents Exterior Crew's committment to being respectable and keeping their job sites clean in Seattle, WA

Courteous Crews

Whether a homeowner, tenant manager, or contractor, we understand the importance of having courteous and responsible crews working on your project. Which is why we value the level of trust you place in us, when partnering together on a siding installation.

We are committed to building on that trust, by providing highly trained work crews, who are team players. They are trustworthy, competent, and reliable, working well with other trades to accomplish project goals.

And this is a reflection of our core values and sincere commitment to delivering superior siding solutions.


Glorious porch area with Cedar soffit and mitered siding by Exterior Crew in Seattle, WA


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Our History

Exterior Crew was founded in 2006, as a small, family-owned, and Seattle-based, siding installation company. Our focus is serving residential and business customers alike, providing highly trained crews who deliver superior siding solutions.

We build our reputation one client and one project at a time. And with a strong commitment to superior quality, along with on-time delivery, provided by prompt and courteous crews — the customer always wins.

Moreover, we believe in caring for our clients and our crews. This is essential for fueling growth, and creating positive experiences for our customers. And, when we deliver exceptional siding installations for our clients, they happily share them with others.

Image of a front porch with siding and gutters that were replaced by Exterior Crew in Seattle, WA

Image of the awning of a front porch with gutters that were replaced by Exterior Crew in Seattle WA



Vasiliy Kysilov is a founder of Exterior Crew siding company

Vasyl Kysilov

Founder & General Manager

As founder of Exterior Crew, my goal is simple — to protect homes, buildings, and structures from exterior damage. And, by providing superior siding installation services to Seattle and beyond, we can accomplish that for our clients.

For over five years, I was a primary installer and learned firsthand, the value of selecting premium materials. My experience also taught me which tools to use, along with the knowledge and skills required to complete high-quality installations.

It’s over 15 years since we first launched Exterior Crew, and our company has experienced amazing growth. We have also been incredibly blessed, building many great relationships with our clients and customers.

However, those same principles remain true to this day, principles upon which our company was founded. Starting with a superior siding solution that protects homes, buildings, and structures from exterior issues for years to come.

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Iosif Bilbao

Project Manager

As a project manager at Exterior Crew, I focus on customer communication, the quality of project materials, and installation oversight. This includes, listening to our clients, achieving their expectations, and delivering an on-time siding experience.

Since turning 18 years old, my passion has always been working with, and around various aspects of construction and building. Prior to becoming project manager, I spent the previous 7 years installing siding and windows. This is where I learned firsthand, how to lead installation teams, and get the job done right.

This also helped me focus on the goals and priorities that are most important to our clients, and our company. Goals like correct installations, clean and safe job sites, and ensuring customer’s siding experiences are positive, enjoyable, and delivered on-time.

I’m proud to work for a great siding company like Exterior Crew — it makes my job so much easier. They always put clients first, and when your company values align with customer best interests, it’s a win for everyone.

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Staff Member Picture

Sofia Ostapiv

Office Manager

Before joining the team, I worked in a transportation company as an accountant and safety manager for over 5 years. Although the industry is different, I was able to apply my skills and experience to my current job at Exterior Crew.

As an accountant and office manager of Exterior Crew, my main goals are to make sure that:

  • Our current and potential customers will always receive prompt communication and all the questions regarding our services will be answered;
  • Working process and company finances are organized properly;
  • Exterior Crew’s licenses and permits are always up to date and our valuable customers will feel in safe hands when choosing us.

Being a new addition to a team, I could tell right away how professional and carrying are the people, with whom I got lucky to work together. With a dream team like ours, Exterior Crew will not disappoint to deliver exceptional service in a timely manner by remodeling or creating the dream house for the most sophisticated taste!

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Roman Borchanu

Project Supervisor

The construction industry has been my career since I was 17, specifically in the exterior remodeling field – siding, roofing, painting, deck, windows, doors installation, etc. It has always been my passion. After working for different construction companies, or running a business for many years, I have finally found the place in which I see myself long-term with a successful career ahead.

  • ensuring timely execution of high-quality work by our teams;
  • keeping in constant communication with the customer, ensuring they always have answers to their questions;
  • ensuring crews adhere to safety rules and regulations at all times;
  • taking measurements and ordering and delivering the materials;
  • conducting safety and project planning meetings with our teams.

Your home renovation will be handled by Exterior Crew with the utmost attention to detail, where quality, safety, and strict deadlines are prioritized. I live by the motto “do it right the first time”!

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