Homeowners know when it comes to choosing premium siding products – benefits matter.


Today, we take a closer look at industry leader, James Hardie siding, and the benefits of using their exterior siding products for your next residential siding project in the Seattle, WA area and beyond.


At Exterior Crew, we listen to our clients and customers, especially those in the local Seattle and surrounding eastside communities. They trust us to assist them with choosing the right exterior siding for their home. And as specialists with over 20 years of professional installation experience, using all kinds of siding products, made from all types of materials, we believe James Hardie siding clearly offers the most benefits and value.


Here’s why.


The benefits of James Hardie Siding:


1. Industry Leading Siding Brand

Many homeowners in and around the Seattle, WA area may not be familiar with who James Hardie is, or what types of products they manufacture. James Hardie siding is the industry leader and maker of the world’s best performing fiber cement siding currently available on the market. As local Seattle siding contractors, Exterior Crew has worked extensively with James Hardie siding products, as have millions of other homeowners who also appreciate the beauty, durability, and longevity of their products.


2. Resists Moisture, Mold, and Rot

Did you know that wood-based products, including your home’s exterior siding have the ability to retain water and will expand, buckle and crack when exposed to repeated cycles of precipitation and drying? Not to mention, water can also damage your home in other ways, such as swelling, warping, loose paint, and can even lead to mold in some cases. Engineered with the climate in mind, we believe James Hardie siding products are the perfect choice for the Seattle, WA area. James Hardie builds their premium siding products using only the highest quality materials, designed to resist moisture and rot. They also created several custom and unique HardieZones (HZ 10 or HZ5), based on various different regions of the country to maximize product performance.

Seattle, WA and the surrounding areas are in HardieZone 10 (HZ10).


3. Longevity and Durability

When it comes to caring for things that we value most – like our homes, we want to know they are protected and will last a long time. James Hardie builds siding products designed to last, regardless of climate or location. And homeowners can rest easy knowing they will function properly and look great for years to come. James Hardie stands by the quality of all their products, offering both a 30-year and lifetime warranty, that’s protection for your home.


4. Protection from Fire

James Hardie siding products are also designed to provide fire protection for your home as well. Homeowners may not know that fire melts vinyl instantly and consumes wood in minutes, minutes your family may need to find safety. The good news is James Hardie siding is both non-combustible, and it won’t ignite when exposed to a direct flame. Even better, it won’t contribute fuel to a fire either. These safety benefits should help you and your family sleep better at night.


5. Resistant to Outdoor Pests

When evaluating siding products for your home, you should also consider our outdoor friends, also known as pests. These critters can wreak havoc on wood, OSB, or wood-composite siding, placing your home at higher risk for additional damage. Homeowners should select products made with fiber and cement, which holds little interest for outdoor pests, so they’re exterior siding  won’t be pecked by birds, burrowed by insects, or eaten by termites, keeping pests where they belong – outside your home.


6. Weather and the Elements

Most homeowners in Washington state know rainy, and wet weather can be challenging to the exterior of your home. Some homeowners may not know, excessive moisture can lead to warping and potential rot in more traditional wood siding. James Hardie siding is built to resist the adverse effects caused by excessive rain, high winds, flying debris and rot. It is also designed to resist mold and engineered to perform at the highest levels, regardless of weather conditions. Having the right siding product, installed by a trusted Seattle siding contractor, is the only way to protect your home.


7. Lifetime Savings

An important factor when choosing your home’s exterior siding, is how it will perform in the future. According to James Hardie, their siding offers a lifetime of value, but what does that really mean? Replacing your home’s siding is a big investment and knowing how that investment will perform over time is important. James Hardie’s product values include, cost savings, climate specificity, color that lasts, lower insurance, and greater warranties.


For a full breakdown of these values in greater detail, visit James Hardie here.