Planning to replace siding on your house? An important aspect to consider when planning your siding project, is whether to replace the windows with your siding.


FOUR primary reasons why replacing your windows with your siding is a smart move.


1. Enhanced Installation Access

When removing or replacing a home’s siding, the exterior walls of the home are completely bare, including the window openings. This provides siding contractors with greater access to inspect, remove, and replace any faulty, leaking, or old windows. This helps facilitate the wrapping of a moisture barrier system around window openings prior to window installation. This also provides better installation of metal to wall flashings, and adhesive flashings, along with properly securing window trim. Plus, with enhanced installation access, all manufacturer’s requirements will be met at the time the siding is installed.


2. Increased Project Savings

By deciding to replace the windows with your next siding renovation project, can also expect to save more money. Here’s the good news! Most costs associated with the window replacement are already included in the total cost of the siding replacement package. Including the installation of a moisture barrier, adhesive flashing, and caulking around all the windows. This should be included in the total price for the siding replacement, including metal flashings and all window trim. 

When choosing to replace both components at the same time, you won’t need another exterior project in the future. Especially, one that would cost more money for the same services, while potentially damaging your existing siding. 


3. Additional Warranty Protection

Deciding to replace your windows with your next home renovation and siding installation project, also enhances the warranty. When choosing one siding specialist to complete both projects, a single umbrella warranty covers all project services they provide. This gives homeowners greater protection against any potential issues in the future. It also shields homeowners from having to deal with multiple trades on the same project, which can become problematic. For example, some contractors have a tendency to want to try and blame other trades if project-related disputes arise.

The key to avoiding any unwanted issues is to hire the “right” home exterior contractor. A trusted specialist who understands how to properly install the siding and windows according to all manufacturer’s requirements. Plus, any reputable siding installation contractor will also offer a solid warranty covering all of their work. 


4. Improved Project Efficiency

Efficiency is the key to project success, saving both time and money for the homeowner. By replacing windows with your siding, you also save time researching and hiring one trusted contractor to provide both services. Plus, deciding to have both exterior components replaced at one time, saves days, maybe weeks on the project’s timeline. Not to mention, the peace of mind that comes with knowing good, quality work will last for years to come.


And that’s not only a smart move, it’s a win-win for everyone.