Homeowners who learn their exterior siding is in need of serious attention, have two primary options. First, depending on the level of deterioration and how widespread it is, may choose to have the siding repaired. The second option is to have the home’s exterior siding completely replaced.


For 20+ years, Exterior Crew has been providing professional siding services to the local Seattle, WA area and surrounding communities. Based on that experience, we are sharing several tips to help homeowner’s decide which option is best for them. These pros and cons also address the urgency of the problem, along with the budget available for the project.


Let’s begin with Option One – simply repairing the siding.


Siding Repair Pro’s:

The first question to ask when deciding whether to repair or replace your home’s siding deals with longevity. How long do you plan on staying in your home? If your answer tends to be more in the short-term, then repairing your siding is the better option for you. It’s also a really great way to save money, plus repairing your siding will take far less time to complete.


Siding Repair Con’s:

While repairing your siding may seem like the best short-term option, there are several downsides to consider as well. First, repairing your siding can be like trying to place a Band-Aid on a much larger problem. It will provide some initial protection, but at some point, major surgery will still be needed. And since repairing is only a short-term fix, it rarely satisfies the manufacturer’s guidelines for a full warranty. Plus, the cost per sq. ft. for siding repair work is considerably higher than for a complete siding replacement.


Let’s dig a bit deeper with Option Two – completely replacing the siding.


Complete Siding Replacement Pro’s:

For homeowners planning to stay in their homes a bit longer, replacing the siding is clearly a better option. There are also several added benefits to replacing your siding versus simply repairing it. So let’s begin with the complete protection of your home’s exterior. Plus, deciding to replace the entire siding system, also grants the option for additional exterior redesigns as well. Replacing siding will also increase the market value of your home, costing less per sq. ft. than repairing the siding. And don’t forget, a complete siding replacement also includes a full warranty covering all the workmanship and materials used.


Complete Siding Replacement Con’s:

Two potential hurdles when choosing the siding replacement option, are project cost, and time required to complete the project. Clearly, when compared with simply repairing the siding, a full replacement will take longer and cost more to complete. However, approaching this decision from the long-term perspective, helps make this a truly wise investment.


It is helpful to know the pro’s and con’s for choosing to repair or replace your home’s siding. We would also like to provide homeowners with a few helpful siding repair and replacement recommendations.


Recommendations for Siding Repair:

When choosing to repair your home’s siding, make sure all work is done in sections, not in pieces, or patches. Start in sections, repairing entire walls in each area first, which will help eliminate any potential issues in the future. Plus, installation and material warranties can be applied, leaving the remaining siding ready to be replaced when the budget permits.


Ask the company doing the repair work to inspection underneath all the siding in areas where they’ll be working. Also, remember to request several images of the existing condition of both the moisture barrier and sheathing. This provides a perfect opportunity to review how siding and sheathing appear in other areas of the home too. We also recommend inspecting the tops of windows, doors, and any other sensitive areas. Especially, if there is no metal flashing, and don’t forget to re-caulk around the corner areas as well.


Recommendations for Complete Siding Replacement:

In a perfect world, we would recommend homeowners choose to completely replace their siding for the following reasons. First, you gain the peace of mind that comes with knowing your home is protected for years to come. And replacing your siding is a far greater value for each dollar spent. Plus, your money is buying you more, like premium warranties from the siding installation specialist and the materials being used. Lastly, you get a complete inspection of your home’s exterior condition, with an assessment of any mold, or sheathing rot. This is certainly a helpful indicator in identifying potential trouble signs when it comes to protecting your home’s exterior.


Whether choosing to repair, or replace your siding, investing in your home’s exterior protection is always a smart move.