Every home and property needs quality protection from our Northwest elements. In Washington state, more than 80 percent of all construction disputes are exterior-related, so it’s important to partner with a siding company that offers a five-year craftsmanship warranty. We do because we are confident in the quality of our work for you. We are team player and our crews work alongside your other trades without conflict to achieve your schedule goals. And our transparent, detailed proposals won’t leave room for surprises.


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Our proven siding installation guide used by our experienced crews will keep your project on schedule, and free from accidents or leaks.

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Windows and Envelope Wrap

Let us install your windows right with proper access from our scaffolding and pre-wrap the exterior with a weatherproofing moisture barrier to seal the building and allow you to start your interior work ahead of schedule.

Process and Timeline

  1. Call us and schedule an appointment or email us your blueprint in pdf. Our approach allows us to provide the most accurate and transparent bid available, eliminating surprises along the way. When you are comfortable with the proposal, we launch your project and provide a schedule.

  2. Once an agreed contract is in place, your Exterior Crew project manager meets with you for a pre-con meeting. Here, you discuss the project schedule and all the necessary details of the job such as accessibility for parking and where to store materials and our equipment to avoid any conflict with other trades on the project.

  3. Next, we deliver all the materials, tools, and equipment to the site and introduce you to our installation crew. Work commences and the entire process is overseen by your Exterior Crew project manager, so no details will be missed. At the final walk through, we make sure that the job is done as agreed and then remove any of the materials, equipment, or waste at the completion of the project.

What Our Clients Say

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You and your installers did a great job on our custom home last year. You were responsive to my requests and did a great job. You kept the jobsite clean and finished on time! Thanks for the great job.

Guy Libby Libby Builders
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You guys did a great job on the project and you were willing to go the extra distance so the job was done right.

Seth Niederberger Niederberger Contracting
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Exterior Crew’s attention to waterproofing details as well as aesthetics will makes them part of our future projects.

Cory Benson Owner, Summit Development, LLC

Safe and Clean Job Site

Safety is mandatory – and so important that we go beyond the basics to teach our crews the priceless value of a safe job site environment. Each year, we complete safety training through the Washington State Department of Labor and Industries to ensure that our installation process is implemented with most up-to-date safety procedures. And that includes keeping your job site clean each day and safely storing materials and equipment in designated areas.

Our Promise to You

We are committed to work together as a team with the other trades on your project to achieve your goals. We promise to do the job right within the time schedule you need and to follow all needed safety regulations to keep the job site free from accidents during our installation process.



Should I have Exterior Crew install our windows and do the building wrap before siding?

Using our scaffolding system, rather than ladders, allows us to do a better and safer job when installing the windows and building wrap with all its required flashings. We can keep the window installation straight and square for waterproofing and you can see the quality of our work before the siding begins. With the moisture barrier applied, you can start your interior work sooner in the project schedule.

Should we have Exterior Crew supply the materials?

Yes, we do recommend a turnkey bidding option because it gives you the advantage of a fixed budget amount for the whole siding project. During construction, we handle any material shortcomings to eliminate that hassle for you and keep your budget in check.

Can you remove the siding waste after you're done?

Definitely. We can have our dump trailer used throughout the job process or simply remove the waste at the end of the project. No matter whatever method you prefer, our installation crew always cleans up and and stores waste in the designated area after each work day.

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